Media Awards 2014

On the 15th October the Fourth Media Awards were presented at the Anti-Slavery Day Media Awards Reception at the Speaker’s House. We were privileged to have the Rt Hon William Hague MP, Leader of the House of Commons, greeting the guests and presenting Media Awards, and the Speaker Rt Hon John Bercow MP welcoming the guests and presenting the Marsh Christian Trust Awards for the most outstanding individuals who contributed to the fight against Modern Day Slavery.

Chairman of the Human Trafficking Foundation, Anthony Steen, highlighted in his speech the significance of the media and its increasing contribution, year by year, to raising awareness and educating public about the hidden nature and extent of modern-day slavery in the UK, but also its important role in promoting modern-day slavery up to the top of the political agenda . Mr Steen said: “The media has an important task to play to ensure the government is left in no doubt what Wilberforce’s legacy demands”.

This year there were over 40 excellent nominations that made the work of the panel very difficult. Our special thanks to the panel that included Kerry Scarlett from ADAVU project, Jen Baker from City Hearts, Chloe Setter from ECPAT UK, Peter Dolby from Counter-Human Trafficking Bureau, Kate Roberts from Kalayaan, Heather Knight from Stop the Traffik, Robin Brierley of the West-Midlands Regional Anti-Trafficking Network, and Tatiana Jardan from the Human Trafficking Foundation, who was also responsible for organising the Awards Reception.

The results of the Media awards show how successful campaigns led by both the Sunday Times and the Guardian have been.

The winners of Media Awards 2014 are:

1)     Best TV or Radio Documentary Dealing with Modern Day Slavery

“Globalised slavery: how big supermarkets are selling prawns in supply chain fed by slave labour”, Kate Hodal, Chris Kelly and Felicity Lawrence, The Guardian

2)     Best broadcast/press news piece dealing with Modern Day Slavery

“Revealed: Qatar’s World Cup ‘slaves’ “, Pete Pattisson, The Guardian

3)     Best Investigative Article or Broadcast News Dealing with Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation

“Beauty and the Beasts”, George Arbuthnott, The Sunday Times

4)     Best Investigative Article or Broadcast News Dealing with Child Slavery

“The road to nowhere”, George Arbuthnott and Caroline Scott, The Sunday Times

5)     Best Investigative Article or Broadcast News Dealing with Forced Labour and Domestic Servitude

“Revealed: Asian slave labour producing prawns for supermarkets in US, UK”, Kate Hodal, Chris Kelly and Felicity Lawrence, The Guardian

6)     Best Stage or Film Production Dealing with Modern Day Slavery

“NICU” by Niki Anastasi

Special Human Trafficking Foundation’s Media Awards went to

1) Most Innovative Media Initiative

“Taken: Exposing Sex Trafficking and Slavery in India” E-book, Hazel Thompson

Hazel Thompson is an excellent photographer who spent 11 years investigating the red light district of India’s biggest city. In a new book she gives a voice to girls who were taken from their homes, raped, caged and sold for sex. Hazel has donated the worldwide profits from the e-book to Jubilee Campaign’s project to rescue trafficked and children at risk from being sold into prostitution in India.

2) For outstanding contribution and commitment to raising awareness about Modern Day Slavery, Sophie Long, BBC News

Sophie Long is the BBC News broadcaster ahead of her time. She recognised the importance of significance and extent of Modern Slavery in Britain back in 2008. She is the one BBC journalist who has remained committed to exposing this appalling situation and highlighting it in BBC News reports whenever possible.

Media awards have been established by the Human Trafficking Foundation to show the outrage at the existence of Modern Day Slavery, which exists throughout the UK. These awards are designed to recognise the media’s contribution to raising public awareness and ensuring that modern day slavery remains a key concern for us all. This is the fourth time Media Awards are being presented on Anti-Slavery Day.